Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate; More Artwork and Screenshots!

There’s some concept art showing different locations that you’ll be visiting in game as well as a bunch of screens and such showing parts of the game itself.  You can see both of these things below:

As you can see, the screenshots are looking fairly impressive.  In fact, you know what they kind of remind me of?

The DS Castlevania games like Dawn of Sorrow.  The art style for the buildings and locations just seems a bit similar if you ask me. There’s also a bit of resemblance to Castlevania Dracula X in some of the screens, mainly the one of the castle keep in front of the full moon.  Still, it’s nice the designers of the game seem to be taking some inspiration from the 2D titles rather than just making the 3D rendered locations look bland like they did in the Nintendo 64 ones.

In addition to the above screens, here’s the official art/concept art for the game.

For some reason, there’s also art of the most minor scenery items in the game.  Like doors.

All in all, Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate is looking like a pretty good Castlevania game, especially for one which is 3D in parts and doesn’t use a traditional sprite based style for everything.  Will it be a day one purchase?  Not sure, but it does look like it will at least live up to the series good name.


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