Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate Confirmed!

Hardly much of a surprise given how believable the rumours about the game were, but apparently Nintendo Power has proven the games existance, with it’s recent cover feature being the game’s debut.

Seems to be a 2.5D game, with a few interesting things about it:

Press X for stronger attacks, Y for ones with a wider range. Character is Trevor Belmont.

You also block/dodge attacks with L and grab them with R, which is a little different from the gameplay in your old school 2D Castlevania games, is it not?

It also has light and shadow magic, and you unlock new combos and attacks by levelling up in some way.

Here are some pictures:

Come on, admit it, we all knew the 3DS was going to get a new Castlevania game soon, right?  They’ve always been a dime a dozen on the early handheld consoles (the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and DS all had two or three each), so even with the new gameplay style of this installment I suspect we’ll get quite a few sequels in good time.

Anyone excited for this new Castlevania game?


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