Capcom rereleasing Resident Evil Mercenaries

In Japan as of now, and with one major (and extremely long overdue) change…

You can now officially delete your save data and start a new game.  Well technically that’s not the only change, they’ve also removed the demo of Resident Evil Revelations that was also found on the game card, but it’s still not much of a change from before.

Here’s the box art for the rerelease (complete with massive jarring ‘best price’ bar across the top):

This version will be hitting shops in Japan on December 13th, with a downloadable version available on the eShop from December 27th.

Do you think Capcom will also release this new edition outside of Japan?  Or would it be too much effort for too little reward?  Because the interest in the title is definitely a lot less than it used to be, and I’m not sure ‘remove your save data!’ is exactly a great selling point for the front of the box…


Resident Evil Mercenaries Rerelease in Japan; Can Start a New Game – Nintendo Everything