You Can Now Interview AlphaDream about Mario & Luigi Paper Jam!

Wondered anything about Mario & Luigi Paper Jam’s development?  Thought the questions asked in their recent Nintendo Dream interview were a bit poor?  Well if so, you might be in luck!  Because you see, the people at Miiverse are holding a ‘miiting’ with the developers of the game, and they’re taking your questions for the interview!  So if you want to know why more original characters weren’t featured, or why too much stuff from Sticker Star was included, or why Battle Cards replaced Badges (or anything else), you’ll be able to find out for yourself!

Here’s the topic on Miiverse for European players to ask questions:

And here’s the one for US gamers:

So what’s being asked?  Well, pretty much what you’d expect to be honest.  An awful lot of people are wondering why more characters from the classic Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi games aren’t featured.  So it’s pretty likely we’ll get an answer to that obvious question at some point.

Other than that? A bunch of random things really. A couple of people have asked why Hard Mode didn’t return from Dream Team, one person asked about playable Peach and Rosalina in future games and another individual asked about the amount of influence Intelligent Systems had on the game’s design. So a mixed bag really.

Either way, what questions would you ask about Mario & Luigi Paper Jam? And how do you think AlphaDream are going to respond when questioned about the lack of returning characters in the game, or any of the other difficult questions they’ll be asked this time around?


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It’s fantastic that you are getting ideas from this piece of writing as
well as from our dialogue made here.


It actually looks pretty good so far. I was going to ask something similar but for more on why Miyamoto had a problem with introducing new characters or environments outside the Super Mario Series. I know he cares about the fanbase for Zelda. But with Mario? He's very paranoid with that series lately. I don't know if it's his old age finally has gotta to him or he saw what happened to SpongeBob SquarePants and said to himself…. "Yeah no!" I think it's the SpongeBob situation but for Mario fans. Shit! Why did I compare it to an American Sponge… Read more »


I posted a few interesting questions to developers. Some obvious examples is who made the Paper Mario book and is Mario the narrator for his own stories? (Like fairy tails.) The second being about the behind the scenes on how they created the games. (Concept art, scrap ideas about levels and bosses, and original character designs of what they looked like before their final product.) And the third? Which is pretty embarrassing thing to ask a professional developer on an interview like that is….. Have you ever explore any American websites that feature any professional fanart of any of their… Read more »


[USER=1]@CM30[/USER] Oh? Quick question! Is there a Japanese version of this interview? I wanna see the opinions and vocal reaction to the developers since Paper Mario has a huge cult following. More so than here in America. (But that's another whole can of worms to open?) They had a very loud vocal reaction to Sticker Star when it came out in 2012? I think? I was wondering if there's some Japanese YouTube videos or Nico Nico Chan videos of what they reaction was when they got the game first? (You know the Japanese has lots of people in the industry… Read more »


Found the Japanese version of this interview about the game? LOL XD