Bravely Default’s Future relies on Success of Second Game?

Oh dear. In another move that’s bound to be unpopular with quite a few people, Square Enix have told Japanese magazine 4Gamer that the future of the Bravely Default series rests on the success of the second game.  So in other words, if it sells, the series can continue.  If not, then it’ll presumably be cancelled/ended, like how Nintendo were planning to stop making Fire Emblem if Awakening didn’t perform well enough.

Here’s a quote about it by Kagari:

<質問4>2014年に向けての抱負、また4Gamer読者に向けてのメッセージをお願いします。 今後のブレイブリーシリーズは2の成功如何にかかっていると思います。 そういった意味でも2014年はとても大切な年になります。 良ゲーを作ることが大前提であることを忘れずに、 いろいろ仕掛けてゆきたいと思いますので、どうぞ、ご注目ください!

Or in English:

Kagari: basically the future of the series relies on the success of the second game… 2014 is an important year…

So yes, if Bravely Second or whatever doesn’t sell, the series is pretty much finished.  Better get buying that game if you want even more 3DS RPGs in the foreseeable future!



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8 years ago

That’s a shame. Two games hardly gives the series a chance to change and evolve. Comparing this to Fire Emblem isn’t really the same. Fire Emblem sales were getting pretty bad and also they were super easy. I think Nintendo made the right call because it caused Intelligent Systems to really improve with Awakening.