Bravely Default coming to the West; Silicon Era

Hoping to see Bravely Default being released in English and outside of Japan soon?  Well it seems like you might just be in luck, since Silicon Era has apparently ‘confirmed’ the game will be released overseas via confirming it with multiple trusted sources.

Now admittedly, it’s still a rumour regardless of what the site says (just calling anyone a ‘trusted source’ without a proper reference is always tad dubious), but Silicon Era’s general level of reliability and the recent change in Square Enix leadership do make me hopeful this is true and we’ll really be seeing the game soon.

It’d also be a nice fourth ‘win’ for Operation Rainfall if it is accurate, since they’ve been petitioning for the game’s release overseas for a good six months now.

So what do you think about the possibility that Bravely Default could be getting a release outside of Japan soon?


Bravely Default Flying Fairy Will be Localised for the West – Silicon Era


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