Bowser Jr’s in Mario & Luigi Dream Team!

Well, this was a fairly unexpected surprise.  I was playing one of the Battle Ring (aka boss rush) medleys, and guess who showed up at the end as the final opponent?

Bowser Jr Dream Team

Yeah, I didn’t believe the rumours at first, but it turns out that guy talking about Bowser Jr being in this game was right, he really is the first secret boss in the game.  He’s actually pretty powerful too, stealing your Bros Attacks from you like Bowser X did in Bowser’s Inside Story and having a range of attacks (some of which seem fairly hard to dodge).

So there you go Bowser Jr fans, he really is an optional boss in Mario & Luigi Dream Team. Wonder who the boss unlocked from the Giant Boss Medley is?  King Boo?  Fawful?  Giant Midbus?


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