Big Pokemon Announcement coming January 8th

Mark your calendars people, this could even theoretically be gen 6 related!  Apparently some major news regarding the Pokemon series will be revealed on January 8th 2013, as hinted by the last scene of a Pokemon Black and White 2 trailer.

Is this potentially the first reveal of the next Pokemon generation?  Maybe, a theory made a bit more plausible by a second mystery Pokemon reveal related to the Genesect movie based on the anime series.  Here, a new toy line based on the movie has a mystery Pokemon not shown in the normal promotion.  And no, it’s not Genesect, the merchandise based on him is clearly shown in all the advertising material.  Here’s a picture:


So what’s the mystery new Pokemon and announcement?  Is it possible that the first reveal of gen 6 could be coming this January?  Or is it just another pointless form that Nintendo and Game Freak seem so fond of?


Big Pokemon Announcement Teased; GoNintendo