Best Buy Lists Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon for Wii U

Yep, it’s happened again!  Another shop has listed a Wii U version of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon as coming soon, this time it being Best Buy for Business.

As you could tell, there’s no evidence that such a game exists, is in development or is even being considered by Nintendo, so I think we should treat this whole thing as implausible at best.  But the listing exists for anyone who’s interested, and can be seen at the link below:

Best Buy Luigi's Mansion DarkMoonWiiU

Above: Picture is kept here in case the listing is removed, as proof it existed.

So this might be something.  Would you buy Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon for Wii U if it became an actual game that Nintendo was releasing?



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8 years ago

Id buy this for the wii u for sure. Just bought a wii u, zelda wind waker, pikmin and wonderful 101. I was addicted to pikmin, miiverse will proof that lol

who cares?
who cares?
8 years ago

Idiots. They can say ‘there’s a new Luigi’s mansion on Wii u!’ when Nintendo says it on Nintendo direct.