Awesome Mario Kart 7 Glitch Breaks Toad Circuit!

Basically, you fly over the bridge and get the item box there, and return over the other side.  This makes the game think you’re in last for a short period of time, so you end up with an item like a Bullet Bill, Lightning or Blue Shell like you would if you were at the back of the pack!  And since you end up back on the track afterwards, you end up with a ridiculously overpowered item in first place!

Great work for finding it jewelsc79!  Looks like Toad Circuit will be made a bit bearable online now!  And for the people who like to abuse it for its simplicity like those tournament players and Final Destination in Super Smash Bros, maybe this added bit of randomness will get you to actually choose a different track or two!

So what do you think about this glitch?  Is it pretty neat?


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