Are The Chinese Pokemon Sun and Moon Rumours True?

After the recent Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer shook up the internet, there have been comparisons towards a mysterious Chinese ‘leak’ that was posted earlier this week. Supposedly because said leak was partially ‘confirmed’ by today’s announcements.

But was it really?

Was the supposed leak a genuine hint at today’s Pokemon Sun and Moon announcements? Well, let’s find out, shall we? First off, here’s what was mentioned in the leak:

  • No gyms
  • More than one evolution for Rockruff (including a werewolf)
  • Yungoos evolution being fat and hairy
  • Time works differently in each version
  • New forms of old Pokemon which aren’t Mega Evolutions
  • Pokemon transferred from VC releases will have pre gen 6 typings/stats
  • Ash-Greninja is present in the games
  • S.S. Anne appears in the game (the boat from generation 1)
  • There’s a larger amount of Pokemon this time around
  • Looker, Cynthia, Blue, Zinnia, AZ and Lance make appearances in the games.
  • Furfrou’s hair cut can be changed in the new Pokemon Amie.
  • Some new forms for older Pokemon will get different animations
  • Certain old Pokemon can only be gotten by transferring them through Poke-Bank
  • There’s a flying type bird whose appearance varies on each island
  • A 2 stage cat Pokemon exists in the game. It’s a Normal type when captured, but it inherits the fathers primary type as its 2nd.
  • A snowman like Pokemon appears and is an Ice/Ghost type in 2 stage evolutionary family.

So there’s a lot here. But are the rumours true?

Well, some people are arguing they are. After all, a few things mentioned above appeared in todays Pokemon Sun/Moon trailer and certain new features did turn out to be accurate. After all, we did get a flying type bird whose appearance varies based on the island its caught on, right?

Yes we did. It’s name is Oricorio.

But how about the rest?

Well, let’s find out, shall we? Let’s go through the rumour and see which parts match up to the reality…

No Gyms

Rumour 1 is that there are no gyms in the game.

And while we can’t be 100% certain one way or the other (since they could be found after the island trials), it seems like they’re not present from what we’ve seen so far.

So we’ll say that the ‘leaker’ is probably right about this one.

Multiple Rockruff Evolutions

We have no way of knowing this yet, since no additional evolutions have been confirmed for this Pokemon, and there’s also no evidence that it doesn’t have them. So we’ll ignore this one for now, since it’s impossible to verify.

Yungoos’ Evolution is Fat and Hairy

Well, we got a Yungoos evolution, so that part is at least correct. It’s called Gumshoos.

However, while it does have a very nice hairstyle, it doesn’t seem particularly fat from the official we’ve been given.

So for now, let’s just say this is probably false.

Time Works Differently in Each Version

This is very possible, but again, we have no way of knowing yet. Let’s move on for now.

New Forms of Old Pokemon Which Aren’t Evolutions

On the other hand, this one seems true… with a caveat. Namely, while we do have Alola forms for Pokemon, some of the rumoured forms are incorrect. For example, here’s are the rumoured forms the leaker posits are in the games:

  • Butterfree – Bug/Psychic
  • Nidoqueen/Nidoking – Poison/Fighting
  • Ninetales – Fire/Fairy
  • Growlithe Line – Water
  • Abra Line – Fighting
  • Doduo Line – Fighting/Flying

Right off the bat, it seems they’re wrong about Ninetales. Why? Because in the new video, it’s confirmed as an Ice type, not a Fire or Fairy one.

So that raises some suspicion right off the bat. That said, it might be possible that Ninetales is both Fire/Fairy and Ice, with one form being native to one island/area and one being native to another. Nothing says a Pokemon can’t have two Alolan forms, not yet at least.

It’s also possible the leaker was confused and mixed stuff up here. But if that’s the case, shouldn’t that make us even more suspicious of what he says in the future?

After all, if you get lots of details wrong… Why would anyone trust you?

Either way, we’ll count this one as half right for now.

Pokemon Transferred from VC Games Will Have Pre Gen 6 Typing

Unknown, but slightly strange. I mean, what does this refer to? Magnemite and Magneton being pure Electric types again? Fairies from gen 1 not being Fairy type? Pokemon like Ninetales suddenly being Ice type in Alola? Cause the former seems very strange (with its super limited effects and uselessness for most affected Pokemon), and the latter seems broken. I mean, why would Game Freak suddenly make someone’s Ninetales or Growlithe change type upon being transferred? Seems like something that’d break a lot of things…

So yeah, this one seems questionable.

Stone Bracelets Not Lined to Synchro Evolution


Ash-Greninja is in the Game

Maybe, though it seems odd to introduce Synchro Evolution, Z-Moves and Alola Forms in the same generation. Isn’t that perhaps a bit of overkill?

Either way, let’s call it unverifiable for now.

S.S. Anne Appears in Games

Impossible to confirm.

Larger Amount of New Pokemon

Unless the Pokemon Company have gone nuts, we can probably assume this is true. Remember, the last generation (with the least new Pokemon to date) had 37 announced Pokemon prior to launch. Out of 72 total.

We currently know 31 Pokemon as of the 1st of August 2016.

So given the games come out in November, and we’re getting new Pokemon on a weekly basis now, logic dictates the generation has to have at least 120 or so new species. Otherwise by the time the games actually come out (with about 5-6 Pokemon announced a week), we’d know about every new Pokemon in the generation.*

So yeah, I think its safe to say we’ll be getting many more new Pokemon than Pokemon X and Y ever did.

* 5 Pokemon every two weeks would equal 72 Pokemon reveals from now to launch. 6 Pokemon a week would equal 96 Pokemon reveals from now to launch. Either way, this generation needs more than generation VI for the marketing to be viable.

Looker, Cynthia, Blue, Zinnia, AZ and Lance Making Appearances

Looker seems likely enough. He’s been in every generation from 4 onwards.

Cynthia is possible (she’s appeared in a notable role in two generations)

The others seem somewhat unlikely, unless there’s another World Tournament. Or a really massive plot event happens that somehow affects every region.

Either way, it seems extremely unlikely that all these characters would return in one generation.

Frufrou’s Hair Cut Can be Changed

Very possible, but impossible to verify at the moment. Again, moving on.

Some New Forms for Old Pokemon Get New Animations

Seems reasonable for the Alolan forms to get new animations. Stuff like that Exeggutor would look ridiculous if they didn’t.

Transferring Through PokeBank as Only Way to Get Some Forms of Old Pokemon

Very possible, though a lot of older Pokemon forms could also theoretically appear on the other islands as well.

Flying Type Bird With Island Specific Appearance

This is confirmed.

2 Stage Cat Pokemon Family That’s Normal Type

Possible, though impossible to confirm or deny at the moment.

Snowman Like Ice/Ghost Pokemon

See above. It could be real. It might not. We’ll have to wait till all Pokemon are revealed to return to these types of rumours.

So that’s my quick analysis of the rumours. Are they true? Well, it’s kind of hard to say anything concrete at this point. I mean, some bits seem to be true, and the odd other part of the rumour is contradicted by today’s announcement, but the majority of stuff is impossible to verify for now.

Don’t take anything for granted for now. There’s just too much uncertainty to make a decision one way or the other.


Chinese Pokemon Sun/Moon Rumour


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My interest in this game has increased somewhat.


You forgot to mention that the Chinese leaker also posted the concept art of the final evolution’s of the starters and in Litten’s concept art, a character looking identical to Mallow (shown in the recent trailer) is drawn. The leaks were posted months ago, which raises the question. “How did the leaker predict Mallow being in the game?” Well there’s only two possible explanations, either 1. GameFreak saw the leak and decided to mock it by developing a character “Mallow” who also looks identical to the character in the leak. ( To teach the leakers a lesson that not everything… Read more »


1. As far as what’s been confirmed by pokemon, there won’t seem to be gyms nor leader. Only ‘trial masters.’
2. Rockruff day/night evolutions were confirmed yesterday. Night evo is a werewolf.
4. The time difference in both games were confirmed.
5. Alolan forms of pokes from previous gens were confirmed.
7. Ash-greninja was confirmed months ago.
14. I forgot the name but such flying poke exists and it’s pretty cute.


The old characters will appear for a reason. There will be a fight VS the Ultra Beasts, a fight that will decide the future of the Pokémon World. Cynthia, Looker, Blue and the others will come from other timelines, to fight these creatures and protect the continuum of time and space. There’s an italian theory that is flawless, and talks about this. It’s kinda teardropping, because maybe this will be the last generation.