Aonuma; Hero Mode Unlockable in Link Between Worlds Because it’s a New Game

Ever wondered why Nintendo locked away Hero Mode in the Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds, keeping it until you’ve beaten the main quest before making it accessible?  Well, Eiji Aonuma has answered this question himself, with the reason being one simple sentence:

We felt that it was more suitable to have the players first enjoy the game at an appropriate difficulty level and then let them try a harder challenge.  So in other words, because it’s new.  But what do I think about this?  Read on to find out!
Personally however, I’m not convinced.  In fact, I think Aonuma is forgetting one simple thing here.  Namely:
That hero mode doesn’t actually add much to the difficulty level
And that’s the key point here.  Four times more damage just doesn’t do much to increase difficulty, so a hero mode using it as its only real ‘change’ could quite easily be a start game menu option more than anything else.
The ‘new’ excuse doesn’t really work here either, because the game in general is far easier than the other Zelda titles. It’s a lot easier to get used to this game’s new content in a first hero mode run than it would be in say, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time with Master Quest.
So yeah, I think Hero Mode shouldn’t have been an unlockable. More to the point, no difficulty levels should be ‘unlockable’, unless they’re deliberately meant to be damn near impossible for most players (think Hard Mode in Mario & Luigi Dream Team with its ’10 times damage and really hard attack patterns’ or perhaps any mode in which you die in one hit from every attack).
Above: The only case in which a hard mode should be unlockable.  Ouch.
But what do you think?  Should Hero Mode have really been an unlockable in A Link Between Worlds?


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6 years ago

>Hero mode doesn’t add much to the difficulty level

Asides the fact that pretty much everything one or two shots you until you get a fair number of hearts and/or the tunics.