Animal Crossing New Leaf: Inside the Treehouse

For those of you unaware, Nintendo of America have recently wrapped up an interesting webseries detailing the development of upcoming 3DS title Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Within the series lies tantalising nuggets of gameplay footage and commentary by the American localisation team, who discuss several aspects of the game in addition to their translation efforts. Here is the series in its entirety;

Episode 1: Localising Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Episode 2: Connectivity

Episode 3: Your first day in town

Episode 4: Customising your House

Episode 5: Being the Mayor

Episode 6: The characters of Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Episode 7: The calendar of events

Episode 8: Furniture and pants

Episode 9: Custom Designs

Episode 10: Island activities

As you can see the game is packed, and huge success in Japan suggests the quirky life simulation will be a monster (or should that be animal? I’ll get my coat…) hit in western territories.

Keep it 3DS Daily for further Animal Crossing updates.

Source(s): Nintendo Life, Nintendo of America


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