Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Delayed until 2013

Unfortunate I know, but it’s probably for the best considering the fantastic line up of 3DS games coming out this year (New Super Mario Bros 2, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Paper Mario Sticker Star, etc) and the whole Wii U thing with the console being launched later this year, it’s possible Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem would make it too many great games crammed into a short amount of time.

So Nintendo have decided the games are going to be released next year instead, presumably once all the Mario and Wii U hype has died down a bit.  Their original quote was:

We also owe you some news on two upcoming games – Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem for the Nintendo 3DS. In order to provide the best end result and give fans the quality they expect from Nintendo we can confirm today that these two titles will now be launching in the first half of 2013. We are sorry that you will have to wait a little longer but we hope you understand our desire to ultimately deliver a game that fans will love

Are you disappointed these games have been delayed until 2013 for whatever reason (presumably either for a better launch date or to make the localisations better), or do you think Nintendo was right to hold off from releasing them this year?


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