And then there were more Mario Kart 7 Glitches…

You know, I can definitely tell what people mean when they say the game was rushed now, some of these are ridiculous things to have in a finished game.  For example, here’s another new video of the game someone made showing three more interesting glitches (some of which are shortcuts) in Mario Kart 7:

The first one has to be the most amusing though.  Seriously, the player’s kart just goes straight through a concrete wall like it wasn’t even there, without even using a Mushroom or jumping!  Yes, I managed to replicate the bug myself, and you do go straight through the barrier and fall out of bounds without even having to do more than drive into the wall!

The other two shown are a bit worrying though.  The first is merely a glitch with no beneficial use whatsoever, but these two could very easily be used as shortcuts to cheat online and do well in time trials.  The Shy Guy Bazaar one is weird, you just clip through a random wall at high speed and end up falling out of bounds somehow.  Guess someone at Nintendo’s testing labs was slacking off when this course was being tested…

The second one is a shortcut on Maple Treeway which cuts off most of a bend.  Well, there’s some debat over whether it saves time or not, the distance you cut is so minimal and the angle required so precise that certain people claim it just slows you down, but I suspect if someone can do this glitch at high speed, then they’ll definitely shave off a few seconds.

Finally, here’s an absolute TON of useful glitches and shortcuts taken from another video by the guy who made the one shown above:

Talk about showing that Mario Kart 7 is buggy as hell!  You can fly out of bounds, skip huge sections of track with no penalty and fall through walls all over the place in this game!  Online will never be the same again…

But what do you think of all these new glitches and shortcuts?  Are they interesting, or will they eventually kill off Mario Kart 7’s wifi multiplayer for good?


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8 years ago

Someone please help me to go through walls its been bugging me in the head.
From MK7Expert123