Alola Raichu Leaked for Pokemon Sun and Moon?

As far as leaks go, Pokemon Sun and Moon have certainly gotten a lot of them in the last few months or so. From the leaked starter Pokemon to the various leaked CoroCoro reveals and those ‘rumours’ which turned out to be 100% correct, almost everything has been leaked before it’s intended announcement.

And this trend is apparently continuing. Why? Because now the new Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement trailer was leaked. Yes, the one that’s meant to play this Friday. Somehow it’s been leaked online and various new Pokemon unintentionally revealed with it.

Here’s part of the video:

Or in download form:

Leaked Pokemon Gen 7 Footage

As you can see, it’s an interesting selection. You’ve got an Alolan Raichu, which is now an Electric/Psychic type that rides on its tail.

Alolan Raichu

Not all that new a concept really, since Raichu surfed on it in Pokemon Stadium as well:

surfing raichu

But this one has an ability called Surge Surfer. Presumably, this involves Electric type attacks in some sense.

Additionally, there’s also an English name and details for the Sea Cucumber Pokemon, which is now apparently called Pyukumuku and a Water type. This one has the ability ‘Innards Out’. And it’s a pure Water type, like you’d expect.


As well as a new Mushroom like Pokemon called Morelull. This is apparently a Grass/Fairy type with the abilities Illuminate and Effect Spore.


The fish school Pokemon has a name as well. Namely, Wishiwashi. It turns into its stronger form at a certain level, making it like a pseudo evolution. This is a really clever mechanic, especially if a Mega Evo gets added in future.

wishiwashi single

wishiwashi school

The villain team gets a reveal here too. The female admin is named Plumeria, and is referred to as ‘Team Skull’s Big Sister’. Here’s a picture of her in game, which makes her weird punk rocker esque design a tad more apparent:


And now the rest of the team has been revealed! Here’s Guzma, Team Skull’s leader:


Plus the generic grunts the team has:

Team Skull Grunts

And what appears to be their corny as hell description in the video:

bone to pick

Yeah, they’ve got a bone to pick with you. Real funny there guys!

So yeah, seems like Friday’s announcements may have came early. But what do you think of the stuff revealed in it? Does the idea of an Alolan Raichu get you excited for the game? How about the new Mushroom species or villain team?

Post your thoughts here or on social media today!


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