A Link Between Worlds has a reward for Lasting 999 Seconds in Cucco Minigame?

Oh bloody heck.  And there I was thinking those StreetPass challenges seemed hard enough to complete, and then someone online goes and proves that you also get a reward for dodging Cuccos for 999 straight seconds!  Find a picture inside, as well as a link to an account by someone who managed this insane feat…

Here’s the pic:

Dodge every cucco

The Cucco lady goes on and says you’re the ‘Cucco Master’, eventually giving you a giant Cucco that Link keeps in this house (like the cow from Ocarina of Time).

So yeah, that’s something.  Especially when you consider that to reach 999 seconds in this game means dodging chickens for 17 straight minutes without making a single mistake.  The fact anyone actually managed to do this is just incredible.

You can see more pictures, as well as read about what it was like to reach this point, at the below link:


I am in shock that this is even possible.

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That’s awesome. Allegedly no one who works at the Super Mario Club was able to do it either. Very intense, my best is ~150s