A Fascinating Video About YouTube, Counter Strike and Corruption

It’s from a channel called H3h3Productions, and goes into great detail about how two famous YouTubers were stealthily marketing a Counter Strike gambling site on their channel. Here it is:

In short, these two people (known as ProSyndicate and TmarTn) were making dodgy videos showing themselves winning items on a site they themselves personally own. They never mentioned this conflict of interest to the public. They seemingly tried to lie about it all when confronted.

It’s exactly the kind of thing that the FTC looks down upon, and apparently they’ve already been reported for it by video game attorney Ryan Morrison. They might also be in hot water over breaking gambling related laws too.

So yeah, pretty interesting eh? Maybe this might be the case that finally gets lawmakers looking at the weapon trading in Counter Strike Go. Or the FTC cracking down harder on people trying to hide company affiliations and adverts like this.