New Mario, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter 3DS XL Bundles Coming to Japan this November

Via a Nintendo Direct presentation that was held a few hours ago, it’s been confirmed that 3DS XL designs and bundles meant to promote New Super Mario Bros 2, Animal Crossing Jump Out and Monster Hunter 3.  Here’s the Nintendo Direct video announcing them:

And here are some pictures of each of the 3DS bundles: Here’s the Monster Hunter 3DS bundle.  It’s not much, the 3DS XL included seems to be a plain black one, but it is a nice enough deal for any Monster Hunter fans wanting a relevant game included with a 3DS XL.   It’ll be released on the 1st November. And here’s the 3DS XL design you get in the bundle. Next up, we have a Mario style 3DS XL, complete with icons of items and enemies printed all over it.  Looks pretty nice, maybe it should be released outside Japan? And here’s the bundle the Mario design 3DS XL comes in.  Yes, it comes with New Super Mario Bros 2 as expected, and sells for the same price as the other bundles shown here.  Will be available on the 15th November.

Here’s the Animal Crossing style 3DS XL.  Looks a lot like the Mario one, albeit with a fairly minimalist colour scheme.

And here’s the bundle the Animal Crossing themed 3DS XL comes in.  Same price as all the others, will be made available on the 8th November.

They’re some pretty nice 3DS XL bundles and designs, right?  Think they should be released outside Japan, however unlikely that might be?


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