3DS surpasses PS3 Lifetime sales in Japan!

Yes, as of a bit earlier today, more 3DS consoles have ever been sold in Japan than PS3 consoles!  Here are the figures for sales of each console in the region:

Nintendo Wii U – 308,142
Nintendo 3DS – 8,799,378
PlayStation 3 – 8,716,260
PSP – 19,488,236
PlayStation Vita – 1,074,621
Nintendo Wii – 12,608,700
Xbox 360 – 1,608,399
PlayStation 2 – 21,829,112
Nintendo DS – 32,875,469

In other words, it’s completely annihilated the Playstation Vita and Xbox 360 in sales, but neither of those consoles have ever done well in the region (at least not as of this point in time).  Needs to sell quite a bit more to match the Wii, PS2 and original DS though!

But as of this point in time, the 3DS has outsold the PS3 in Japan lifetime sales wise and seems to be well on the way to beating the original PSP and Wii.


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