3DS Save Transfer Tool coming to Japan Soon…

It’s the tool mentioned a while back that lets you transfer save data from ‘physical’ copies of games to digitally downloaded ones gotten from the eShop.  And it’ll be released in Japan on March 27th.

transfer tool

But there are a few catches here…

It moves data, it doesn’t copy it.  So once the data’s transferred to the eShop version, it’s deleted from the game card (the save data not the game itself).  Hence don’t expect to be able to use your save data on multiple copies of the same game this way.

It also overwrites any save data stored by the digital version of the game.  So again, if you’ve already played the version you downloaded from the eShop and saved anything, said data will be wiped out if this tool is used.

Personally, I have to wonder a few things about this tool:

  1. Why does anyone need it?  Why would you want to go through a physical copy of a game to a download only version when the former lets you do rather useful things like sell it to other people, trade it in or use it on multiple devices?  I honestly think a lot of this ‘download’ stuff is only popular because people are too obsessed with technology and don’t realise how many rights they’re giving up with it.
  2. Why doesn’t it keep the save data on the original game?  It seems like copying rather than ‘transferring’ the data over would be rather useful in case something goes wrong in the transfer process.  Doesn’t Nintendo (especially Nintendo of Japan) get the importance of backups?  Not to mention that some people (myself included) might like to be able to have the same save data in use for different versions of the same game.  I think a tool which lets you share save data across multiple copies of a game could be incredibly useful (especially in the off chance some annoying friend or relative accidentally deletes your save file).
  3. Why isn’t there a tool to transfer data the other way, to bring it from a downloadable version of a title to a physical game card version?  Some people (myself included) prefer buying games from shops and prefer having physical copies of games and treat the eShop ones as a last resort in case it sells out.  Surely it would have taken just hours to allow the tool to send the data both ways rather than just from the physical version to the downloadable one?

It’s not exactly a bad tool by any means (indeed, most companies wouldn’t even bother to release something like this), but I do feel the whole concept could have been done much better and that it would have been ten times more useful with some of the features and ideas mentioned above.




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