30 Reasons You Need to Move to the Mushroom Kingdom

Here’s an article I was sent earlier today by the owner of movoto.com.  It’s fairly interesting, and lists a bunch of reasons why living in the Mushroom Kingdom might be better than living in the real world.  Have a read:


For those of you who need an actual summary, basically…

  1. The Plumbing Services are Exceptional
  2. You can Quit your Job
  3. No one will judge your style
  4. Dinosaurs are still alive
  5. Mario Kart is better than NASCAR
  6. Ghosts are real
  7. Here’s where to find ghosts (Luigi’s Mansion)
  8. Awesome Music
  9. Anyone can be a hero
  10. The weather’s always perfect

It’s a very nice idealised look at how things in the Mushroom Kingdom are kind of great, but honestly… I think it misses the negative side.  So check out the above article now, and then my ’10 reasons you wouldn’t want to live in the Mushroom Kingdom’ article later today!




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