Nintendo Treehouse Employee Alison Rapp Has Been Let Go by Nintendo

This is an extremely controversial topic, so any discussions on Gaming Reinvented should be kept as calm and respectful as possible.

Nintendo Treehouse employee Alison Rapp has been let go by Nintendo today. Here are two of her tweets confirming it:

However, while there’s some talk about this being because of GamerGate, the truth is actually a tad more nuanced. Basically, she said some controversial things about the age of consent and pedophilia on Twitter, which ended up causing a huge amount of drama on social media sites and ended up with someone from anti child abuse charity the Wayne Foundation getting involved and reporting her to Nintendo.

GamerGate’s actual opinion on this is… a tad mixed. Some people thought her comments were deplorable and thought she should no longer be working at Nintendo, some others (most notably Eron Gjoni) said that people shouldn’t be fired for what they say online, and some others (like this Medium article writer) took a more nuanced view somewhere in the middle. It basically split the movement between people who wanted to see someone get fired for views they considered objectionable and those who thought the whole thing had turned into a witchhunt. Not exactly some sort of unanimous ‘GamerGate thought this’ situation.

Either way, all I can really say now is that while it’s a shame to see anyone lose their job (regardless of what you may think of their political views), it’s not particularly unexpected.


Nintendo Has Let Go Nintendo Treehouse’s Alison Rapp – My Nintendo News


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4 years ago

Soooooo, less censorship in future games?