Nintendo Takes Down 500 Fan Games on GameJolt

When it comes to Nintendo fan games and takedowns, it’s not been a good year. Pokemon Uranium had its official links removed. Another Metroid 2 Remake was removed from various sites by DMCA notices. And heck, with a copyright faker going around as well, it seems like fan games and mods are coming under fire from all angles.

And now, things have just gotten worse for anyone looking for Nintendo fan games. Why? Because Nintendo has sent a DMCA notice to GameJolt ordering them to remove 500 fan games from the site. These include:

  • The Legend of Zelda Shattered Worlds
  • Mario Editor
  • Super Mario Fatal Error
  • Flappy Mario
  • Mario 4
  • Sonic vs Mario
  • Zelda 2 Thanksgiving Edition
  • Bowser Gets Clever
  • Normal Super Mario Bros
  • Mario Challenge
  • Mario Test
  • One Night at Mario’s
  • Pokemon Blackhour
  • Bill Mario
  • Five Nights at Mario’s
  • Luigikid’s Quest
  • Mario Fun Time
  • Pokemon All Stars League

And many, many more. You can read the DMCA notice sent on Game Jolt’s GitHub account here:

DMCA Notice – GameJolt on GitHub

So why was it taken down? Well, the notice hints part of it was the monetisation. The ad banners displayed next to the fan games and pictures of Mario characters are pointed out in the letter, and seem to be a part of why they were removed. This wouldn’t be surprising given how GameJolt has a program where creators can get 30% of the ad revenue for their work.

Either way, it’s worrying. What’s more, it’s having a rather unfortunate effect on some of the other fan game scenes out there. For example, the Nintendo Community Fan Game Convention is now implementing a policy to hopefully lessen the chances of any DMCA takedowns, and a few other Mario fan game development teams are making sure there are no ads on any of their pages.

So yeah, it’s a pretty big takedown, and it’s one that’s kind of worrying much of the community as well. Hopefully this sort of stuff won’t get too common with Nintendo fan games in future, and that this is a bit more of a one off.

What do you think about these fan games been taken won?


DMCA Notices for Fangames (GameJolt Blog)


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4 years ago

This stinks. Both of the ICU Gigasoft Mario RPG's seem to be removed as well. Also, you gotta love that Super Paper Mario is the only game they recognize in PM from there. Is EPM safe if it doesn't use any sprites from there?

4 years ago

That really sucks. Though I hope fans keep on making games.

4 years ago

ADoseOfBuckly made an interesting video about fair use and he mentions Nintendo in his video as well.


[USER=1]@CM30[/USER] This could interesting if you do a reply on his video? At least, if you wanted to or not. lol

4 years ago

[QUOTE="CM30, post: 142092, member: 1"]My reply is that a lot of fan games taken down were parodies. No Mario's Sky is pretty clearly a parody, and quite a few removed GameJolt games were too. Given that you need to consider fair use before a DMCA notice, this is legally questionable on Nintendo's part: ROM hacks are interesting, cause they're distributed in a patch format and require the original work. So the actual patch isn't likely breaking any laws, just like an emulator isn't illegal but a ROM is. That's probably why stuff like Newer Super Mario Bros Wii is… Read more »