Nintendo Switch Survives 1000ft Fall!

For years, people have noted that Nintendo products are generally pretty damn tough. They’ve been through washing machines and fallen in pools and worked fine. They’ve been set on fire and come away intact. Heck, in one case a Game Boy was even bombed during the Gulf War and (get this) somehow continued working afterwards!

Either way, the consoles are tough. So tough in fact some joke they’re made of Nintendium!

And it seems the Switch is no exception. Why? Because as YouTube channel ‘UnlockRiver’ has found out, the Nintendo Switch is capable of surviving a 1000 foot drop onto concrete and coming out intact! Here’s his video showing the fall in action:

As you can see, the only damage done is to the Joy-Cons. No screen issues, no buttons fell off. Nothing serious. Just a single Joy-Con falling off.

That’s crazy when you think about it. I mean, how high is 1000ft?

Is it the height of a typical skyscraper?

Nope. It’s roughly the height of The Shard in London. This Switch basically survived being tossed off the top of the Shard onto concrete and came off with barely a scratch. Talk about some insane build quality!

Either way, it seems the console will probably survive whatever you’ll throw at it too. If it can survive this, a small fall due to you being careless once in a while won’t do more damage either.

Just don’t mimic the video and drop it from any more drones or skyscrapers, okay?


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