The Nintendo Switch Controller Works Fine on PC

Up until now, using console controllers on a PC was a troublesome process. Oh sure, you had a few exceptions which were made to work like that (such as the Xbox controllers), but the vast majority required special adaptors and drivers just to get the PC to recognise the dang thing. Like say, this one for Gamecube controllers:

Or this special driver for the NES Classic Mini ones.

Either way, it was a tedious pain in the ass.

But it seems things are changing with the Nintendo Switch! Why? Because as the title suggests, the Pro Controller now works with computers straight out of the box!

No, we’re not kidding. Just set up the controller to look for a device to sync too, then find said controller in the ‘Manage Bluetooth devices’ menu in Windows. That’s it. No USB or special drivers needed at all.

Here’s a video showing it in action, in case you’re sceptical:

As well as an FAQ by the same author showing how it all works:

It’s all very nice and convenient, and means using your Nintendo Switch controller for PC games is as simple an endeavour as possible.

So thanks Nintendo. Thanks for making your new controller usable for more than just the Nintendo Switch. It’s so appreciated to have a controller that’s so easy to setup and use this way.


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