Nintendo Postpones Nintendo Direct Due to Hokkaido Earthquake

Nintendo Direct September 2018

Yesterday, we mentioned that a new Nintendo Direct was coming at 11pm today. This Direct was apparently focused on upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Switch games, and would clock in about 35 minutes worth of content.

Unfortunately however, it seems that’s not the case. Due to a deadly earthquake hitting the island of Hokkaido in Japan, Nintendo has decided to postpone the Direct to focus on the tragedy at hand and honour those who were affected by the disaster.

As a result of this, the Direct will now be aired sometime later in the year, with rumours stating it may happen next year instead.

It’s unfortunate, but life happens, and these Directs are not the end of the world. For now, though, we’re sending out regards to those affected by the disaster, and we’ll await the Direct when it airs next week or what not.


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3 years ago

I highly doubt they would save the Direct for next year because of multiple business reasons. I’m not sure where you got the rumors from and neither do they have some proof in form, they are probably just trolling to make things up by getting the fans mad. But that would be overkill if they rescheduled it that far in length, it would hurt tons of there stocks if they did it for that length of time since they used it already. Splatoon 2 got datamined recently and the new map got moved to the 14th after the Direct got… Read more »