Is Nintendo NX Getting Mario, Zelda and Pokemon Near Launch?

According to various sources online, Nintendo is putting together one hell of a line up for their coming NX console. Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario and Pokemon available within 6 months of its launch. Third party support via Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros. Basically, everything a good console needs to have off the bat.

It’ll also sit between a PS3 and a PS4 in terms of graphics, target an audience between smartphone and Xbox One/PS4 gamers and (according to an ‘exec’) try and ‘upgrade’ smartphone gamers.

Well, that’s what MCVUK says anyway. But is it true? Can the system really have all that so near launch?

Maybe. It’s pretty obvious Breath of the Wild is going to be a launch game. I mean, it’s an NX title that launches in 2017 and was seemingly delayed just so it could be used to advertise the system.

But I’m a bit more sceptical about the other possibilities. Like Pokemon.


Because we’ve had this happen before. Both Pokemon Black and White and their sequels launched on the DS after the 3DS was released. They could have been delayed and retooled, but they weren’t. Game Freak and the Pokemon Company didn’t see the point of it.

Pokemon Black and White 2 Box Arts

Remember when these games were moved to 3DS? Me neither.

And it’s even less likely in this situation. For one thing, Pokemon Sun and Moon are being released in November 2016. That’s not gonna change. They won’t delay a massive holiday season game for another four months.

So how would Nintendo have a Pokemon game ready for 2017?

A port of Sun and Moon? A successor to Sun and Moon? A third game in generation 7? A random spinoff we haven’t even considered?

Because either way, it seems like it’d be difficult to get a Pokemon game ready for the NX’s launch. So that’s unlikely.

Mario seems more likely though. After all, it was announced as in development all the way back in April 2014. And when you work out when the NX is due to be released March 2017, that perfectly ties into a 3D Mario game development cycle. It was that amount of time between Galaxy 2 and 3D World after all…

As well as third party support, which seems pretty much inevitable here. I mean, almost every system launches with it, just ask the Wii U. Either way, the games side of things seems legit. But how about the other rumours?

Well, the one about upgrading smartphone gamers seems like a bit of ‘pie in the sky’ wishful thinking. You’re talking about people that don’t pay for their games up front and often play them between other activities, and trying to get them into console gaming. It’s not completely hopeless (Pokemon Sun and Moon interest has soared since Pokemon GO became popular), but it still seems like a difficult task based on how different mobile gaming is from console gaming.

Targeting an audience ‘between’ hardcore gamers and smartphone games seems a bit more doable, though I question how big said audience is now. Isn’t that basically who the Wii U was aimed at? Because if so, it kind of proved that Nintendo’s ‘default’ audience is about 10-15 million people. Not exactly the numbers needed to support a whole system.

All the other stuff is basically saying ‘Eurogamer’s report was accurate’. Which it seems to be based on all the other sources agreeing with it.

So what do you think? Is the NX really going to have a Mario, Zelda and Pokemon game ready at launch? And will it really manage to get smartphone gamers interested in console games?

Original Rumour on MCVK


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Considering its delay and Nintendo's determination to make it better, I say the safe bet is yes.

Edward Thorpe
Edward Thorpe

“sit between a PS4 and a PS4” You mean “sit between a PS3 and a PS4” right?