Nintendo Announces Miitomo, its first mobile title

So, the wait is finally over and Nintendo’s first smartphone title has been revealed!  So what is their first app?  What Nintendo franchise or IP is going to be the first to make it over to smartphones?

Well… none of them.  Instead, their first title is something called Miitomo.  A free to play Mii based game with micro transactions (in other words, a freemium game like Candy Crush Saga and such likes), it lets players use Miis to communicate with others, in what appears to be some sort of hybrid between a traditional mobile app and Animal Crossing.

Here are the slides from the financial presentation announcing the ‘game’:

Miitomo1 Miitomo2 Miitomo3 Miitomo4 Miitomo5 Miitomo6 Miitomo7 Miitomo8 Miitomo9 Miitomo10

Miitomo11 Miitomo12 Miitomo13 Miitomo14 Miitomo15 Miitomo16 Miitomo17

So what do we think about this new app?  Well to be honest… we’re not even sure what the point of it is.  Is it supposed to be a cross between SwapNote, Miiverse and Animal Crossing?  Is the focus purely on the Mii customisation and ‘random’ conversations?  Why are Nintendo going with this for their first title?

It’s certainly a strange situation, and it’s not one that’s got investors particularly confident either.  Apparently, the company’s shares fell by 7.5% after the reveal, which implies quite a few of the investors are confused about the thing as well.  Perhaps a more… ‘traditional’ game would have worked better here?

But what do you think?  Is ‘Miitomo’ something you’re interested in playing?


Nintendo Unveils First Smartphone Game – Wall Street Journal


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