Next Tomb Raider Game Title Leaked, Called Shadow of the Tomb Raider

When it comes to video game information being leaked, we’ve had some ridiculous examples in the past. There have been games whose titles got leaked due to a trademark application. Games whose existence got accidentally confirmed by an ‘unlisted’ video trailer on YouTube. Heck, sometimes you even see developers screw up their sites and list unannounced games in the source code!

They’re all common occurrences really. To the point where a list of such games would take up the best part of 20 pages.

And as of today, it seems Shadow of the Tomb Raider joins the club. Because earlier on, someone on Reddit managed to find out the name through a very unorthodox method. Trust me it’s a lot more interesting than a mere trademark application or website file name.

Oh no, it got leaked because an Eidos Montreal developer was working on the game while riding the subway. You know, with his laptop open and in full view of the whole train.

This let the Reddit user in question (called Tripleh280) see the development documents on the laptop, and then quickly take a picture of the screen to prove it. Here’s his photo showing the laptop and game documents:

shadow of the tomb raider

As you can see, it very clearly says Shadow of the Tomb Raider right there on the right.

So video game leaks on a train? Well, I guess it’s more likely than you might think!


Name of Next Tomb Raider Game Leaks Cause Guy had it Open on Laptop (Kotaku)


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