The Next Paper Mario Game Will Use a New Battle System

A lot of people aren’t exactly fans of the battle system in Paper Mario Sticker Star or Color Splash. Partly because it’s a departure from the traditional RPG system of the first two titles and partly because it’s awkward in its own way, the system is seen as a broken mess that never really feels as engaging as the rest of the gameplay does.

But for these people, it seems there’s good news ahead! Why? Because in a recent Game Informer interview with Kensuke Tanabe, he has said quite clearly that the next Paper Mario game will likely have a new system! Here are his words in full:

Personally, I don’t give much thought to how we are leaving old methods behind in any series, not just Paper Mario. I always prioritize thinking about how we can build new methods and new elements. Of course, there were some series where we have not made big changes to the systems, but sometimes that’s because we feel as though these systems haven’t been perfected yet, or the gameplay can be expanded even further. We felt both of those things in Color Splash. However, I do feel as though we reached the end of where Color Splash is headed, so if we get the chance to continue the series, I think we’ll want to create a Paper Mario with a different system

So if the series continues, there’s a good chance the system will be replaced by something new.

And of course, the ‘if’ part is very relevant here. Why? Because as people had predicted before its release, Paper Mario Color Splash seemingly bombed pretty hard in terms of sales.

Yeah, no ‘current’ figures exist, sure. But based on what has been heard online, plus the first week sales in various regions, it’s pretty obvious the game hasn’t broke a million copies worldwide. That’s pretty bad, especially after the previous ‘Paper Mario’ title (Paper Jam on the 3DS) also failed to make a dent in the sales department.

So it’ll be interesting to see whether a new Paper Mario games will get made at all at this point. But either way, if it does, it’ll come with a new battle system that’s nothing like the one in Sticker Star or Color Splash.


Paper Mario Color Splash Producer on ‘a new System’ (Nintendo Everything)


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4 years ago

So the next paper mario game may use a new system if there is a new game?

Honestly they need to go back to the basics the first few games used and just build upon that without all this fancy crap.