Next ARMS DLC Character Hinted at By Hacker

Well, isn’t this quick! Not even a week after Max Brass was released as a DLC character for ARMS, Nintendo’s already started work on the next new character for the game!

How do we know this? Well, data mining that’s how! Because Nintendo Switch hacker and data miner Shiny Quagsire has already found evidence of the next DLC character in the game’s files! Here are his tweets about the subject if you haven’t seen them already:

Unfortunately, they’re pretty vague. And there’s a good reason for this.

Basically, there’s no model data for the character in the game. Nor are there any textures for them available.

As a result of this, we have very little to go on here. Probably just code references and file names to be honest.

This cuts down the amount we know about the character to the following two points:

  • They’ve probably got something to do with candy or sweets
  • And their stage has some sort of machine/factory theme to it.

Or in other words… they’re an ARMS version of Willy Wonker:

Willy Wonka

But that’s just speculation at the moment. All we know is that evidence exists for them in the game’s files, and code references hint at candy and machinery in some way.

So what do you think they’ll be?

Will the new ARMS characters be associated with chocolate and sweets like mentioned here?

Or will it turn out the code references are outdated or wrong?

Post your thoughts on the matter here in the comments or on social media today!


Data Miner Teases ARMS Info (Reddit)


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