New Zelda Breath of the Wild Patch ‘Fixes’ World Reset Glitch

Yesterday, Nintendo released an update for the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. This update made various changes to the game, with the most major being a new feature that let you get items in game by reading news articles about the title in a Nintendo Switch app.

However, it also fixed a few bugs. Like the annoying Kilton one that stopped him giving you those medals for killing overworld bosses.

But there was a downside too. Namely, it also fixed the world reset glitch.

Yep, the one that let you get infinite Korok seeds and items is now fixed. Gone. Kaput. Doesn’t work anymore, regardless of what you do.

And that’s pretty bad for completionists. It means Korok seed collecting is now back to taking hundreds of hours, items like the Champion Weapons are limited in number again and we have to actually buy or find all those arrows we want.

It’s pretty annoying to be honest.

But it’s understandable none the less. After all, it is a glitch that breaks much of the game. So in that sense, Nintendo was perfectly right to fix it.

And hey, they did avoid fixing other bugs that didn’t have such major effects too. Like horse clipping or bomb clipping. So it’s not a complete write off on the glitch front.

Just one that’ll annoy Zelda speedrunners and glitch fans.

Still, what do you think?

Are you disappointed they fixed this useful trick? Or are you just happy they’re focusing their efforts on fixing issues with the game none the less?

Post your thoughts on this here or at the Gaming Latest forums today!


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