New Ultra Beasts Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon!

UB Assembly

While Super Mario Odyssey was the main event, the recent Nintendo Direct didn’t just focus on that game. Instead, it covered a wide variety of titles for the 3DS and Switch alike, showcasing everything Nintendo had planned for 2017/early 2018.

One of said inclusions was Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, which got a new trailer in the Direct. Here it is:

As you can see, it’s… actually a bit interesting than you’d expect. Why? Well, you’ll see later in the post. But it proved the game had more changes that meets the eye, including various new areas. Like this surfer dominated beach area:

Surfer Beach

Along with the already shown Pikachu Park and a few others. This gives Alola a bit more to see and do, which is nice to know. After all, the region did feel a bit empty during the original Sun and Moon…

And that’s not all that’s featured either. Oh no, they also revealed Necrozma’s role in the plot too. Yep, as can be guessed from the box art, it takes control of Solgaleo and Lunala to power up into new forms. In turn, these new forms can use the host’s signature moves, like Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam. So Necrozma not only gets more powerful, but it gets an expanded arsenal too.

New Necrozma Forms

Which is also true of Rockruff when it evolves into Lycanroc Dusk Form. This form (which was shown off near the game’s reveal) has access to both forms signature moves, making it more versatile than any of the older ones.

But that isn’t to say the older forms are ignored here. Oh no. In Ultra Sun and Moon, all three get access to a new Z-Move!

This move (called Radial Edge Storm in Japanese) lets them wipe away Terrain effects, turning Lycanroc into somewhat of a counter for the Island Guardians and what not. It’s a neat addition, which may make it somewhat viable on a competitive level.

Not too bad for a common dog Pokémon!

Other additions shown in the Direct include new clothing, a new way of getting starter Pokémon and some basic storyline changes to accommodate Necromza. But they’re not the most interesting additions here. Not by a long shot…

No, that honour goes to these two. Do you recognise these creatures?

UB Burst

UB Assembly

Yeah, I thought not. That’s because they’re brand new Ultra Beasts only found in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!

Named UB Burst and UB Assembly, they’re like UB Absorption and UB Beauty in that they’re exclusive to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. But it’s not their designs that are interesting here.

It’s their existence at all. Why?

Because as any Pokémon fan knows, Ultra Beasts are Pokémon. More precisely, extra dimensional Pokémon from Ultra Space.

So, by adding new Ultra Beasts, they’ve added all new Pokémon to the game! As in, new Pokémon during a third game.

And that’s incredibly interesting. Usually third versions and sequels are disposable in the Pokémon sense. You get new forms, a new storyline and some other changes, but the Pokémon themselves stay the same.

Not here. Now all new Pokémon are being introduced mid generation, with others possibly joining them later (these probably aren’t the only two new Ultra Beasts here).

As a result, Ultra Sun and Moon became a hell of a lot more important to fans. Cause if they don’t buy them… they get no access to the new Pokémon and their importance to the Pokedex and competitive scene.

Smart move Game Freak. I always knew you’d add new Pokémon to a third gen game eventually!

But yeah, that’s Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for you all. Are the new additions now enough to make you buy it?

Could these extra Ultra Beasts take the competitive scene by storm?

Post your thoughts on this (and more) in the comments below or at the Gaming Latest forums today!


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