New Super Smash Bros Game Coming As NX Launch Title?

Well, this would certainly be exciting if true, though I certainly wouldn’t count on it. Basically, the current rumour going around at the moment (courtesy of a Twitter user and known gaming info leaker called Dr. Serkan Toto (and his anonymous source) is that a new Super Smash Bros game will be coming to the Nintendo NX as a launch title. Here’s the tweet about it:

But is it true? To be honest… that’s hard to say. I mean, it’s an anonymous source, that’s already a sort of red flag in itself, regardless of what user or publication is passing on their message.

What’s more, nothing says this has to be a NEW game. Oh sure, it’s supposedly got something to do with Super Smash Bros. But it’s just as likely (and somewhat hinted at) that it could be an improved version of an older title, like an improved Smash Bros 4 with the DLC stuff included by default. Or heck, if you want a really insane idea, maybe a HD Melee remake or something equally crazy.

Either way, Smash Bros might be coming as an NX launch game. Maybe this might be what the system needs to sell right off the bat!


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