Is a New Nintendo Direct Coming Next Week?

Mario & Luigi DX Icon

No, you’re not reading the title wrong. There is a plausible rumour going around that a new Nintendo Direct may indeed be coming within the next week.

That sounds crazy doesn’t it? I mean, wasn’t there one just a month back?

Yeah there was. But hear me out here. There really is clear evidence to suggest a Nintendo Direct could be approaching. Two pieces in fact.

One of which is a design change on the official Nintendo Direct website. You know, the Japanese one. If you do, you’ll notice how there’s now been space left among the Direct listings for another one. Here’s a comparison showing what I mean:

Nintendo Direct site (April 30th)
Nintendo Direct site current

As you can tell, the first picture shows a full grid of Nintendo Directs. No space for a new one, blah blah. The second one? That has a clear gap at the end, as if Nintendo is preparing to add another presentation to the list.

Which is exactly what they did last time a Nintendo Direct was announced. As shown in this NeoGAF post.

So that’s evidence 1 for a Nintendo Direct coming up.

Evidence 2 is Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga DX. Why?

Well, how much do you know about this game?

Yeah, I thought so. You know absolutely nothing about this game. There’s an icon, a title key and a regional title (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions). Doesn’t that strike you as awfully suspicious?

Cause I’d say it should. Companies don’t randomly add information about games to their servers months before the game’s even been announced. Especially not at the same time as Ever Oasis, a game which actually has a set release date of June 23rd 2017.

So that leads me to believe Nintendo is planning to announce this game very soon, perhaps in the rumoured Nintendo Direct presentation. It also leads me to believe (quite logically) that the game will be released within the next few months or so, since the information seems to have already been prepared on the eShop servers.

Because of this, I don’t think an upcoming Nintendo Direct is as crazy as it may seem, and I genuinely think that the existence of this Mario & Luigi remake is as good evidence as any here. But hey, what about you? Do you think it’s logical to expect a Nintendo Direct soon?

Or are all the things mentioned mere coincidences that point to nothing interesting?

Post your thoughts on the matter here or at the Gaming Latest forums today!


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