New Cruis’n Title Spotted in Arcades!

Does anyone remember the Cruis’n series?

Back in the days of the 1990s, they were a trio of popular arcade racing games developed by Eugene Jarvis for Midway and published by Nintendo. But while the series (consisting of USA, World and Exotica) were popular in the Nintendo 64 era, they kind of died out afterwards. Oh sure, you had the odd spinoff (like Velocity on the GBA) and there was a poorly done reboot on the Wii, but it was never as big as it used to be.

But things are changing! A new Cruis’n game has been spotted in the Regal City North Stadium 14 Theater! This test cabinet is running a game called Cruis’n Adventure, and features better graphics, a traditional control scheme and three boosts per race. It’s developed by Raw Thrills and licensed from Nintendo.

So what can I say?

Well, based on my research, I’m a tad worried. The poorly done Wii game was also partly done by Raw Thrills (alongside Just Games Interactive), and got absolutely slaughtered by critics. Seriously, the average score for it is apparently 25% on Metacritic.

Still, as bad as that was, there’s always some hope here. Raw Thrills have made a lot of arcade games before (including racing ones), so perhaps they’re better at making arcade games than console ones. Or maybe Just Games Interactive were the main reason the Wii title got critically panned. That’s a possibility as well.

Either way, perhaps this game will come to Nintendo systems as well. Like as a Nintendo NX launch title or something. After all, the previous games came out quickly after the launch of a new system, so there’s hope that the same might happen here too.

But what do you think? Are you interested in the possibility of a new Cruis’n title? And do you think this game might ever come to a Nintendo console?


Cruis’n Adventure and Dance Central 3 Arcade Spotted On Test In Chicago – Arcade Heroes


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5 years ago

Huh? Never knew that Nintendo own the rights to Cruis'n series….

Weird? I thought Midway own the rights to that series since they did make it from scratch!