New Coin Discovered in Donkey Kong 64… 18 Years Later

When it comes down to it, long lost secrets in older games are not particularly rare.

After all, the Mew glitch in Pokemon was only found in 2003. A new ‘impossible coin’ was only spotted in Super Mario 64 last year.

And well, Paper Mario has so many bugs and glitches that Stryder7X has basically made a YouTube career out of documenting them.

But Donkey Kong 64’s newly found coin is another matter entirely. Why?

Because unlike most other cases, this isn’t a glitch. The coin wasn’t located out of bounds where only a careful wall clip could let the player collect it. There’s no archaic series of events needed to unearth it (like a long lost cheat code).

Nope, it’s just found by pounding the ground in a certain spot in Fungi Forest. That’s it. Here’s a tweet showing its location in the level:

So why did it take so long you might wonder?

Well, here’s the thing. Basically, the spot you need to pound is under tall grass. As a result, it’s pretty much completely distinguishable from the rest of the area.

This means that anyone who doesn’t know it’s here is not going to find the coin except through sheer dumb luck. It’s literally like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

So how did the Twitter poster find it?

Well, he pretty much hacked the game. He looked through the code, noticed a certain coin hadn’t been collected and went off to hunt it down. That’s it.
Rare literally made the coin so well hidden that people could only find it by either examining the code or pure luck.

That’s impressive as all hell really.

But still, what do you think about this? Are you impressed that a coin escaped notice in Donkey Kong 64 for nearly two decades? Or did you come across this collectable while playing the game yourself back in the day?


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