New Chinese Mobile Game is a Blatant Ripoff of Splatoon

When it comes to mobile games and poor attempts to copy Nintendo, there’s been quite the list over the years. Like Mole Kart, a kart racer which stole whole tracks from Mario Kart Wii. 3D Land Safari, which tried so hard to copy Mario 3D Land it got removed from the app store. Or heck, all the Pokemon clones we see advertised on Twitter every day.

But a new game called Sepia Go! Is arguably even more blatant than some of those! Because you see, this game is a poor copy of Splatoon, right down to the art style and basic gameplay. Here are some pictures comparing the game to its obvious inspiration:

What’s more, even the site you get the game from seems to know it’s a rip off. The website (as linked below) is absolutely covered with pictures of Splatoon on the Wii U. The screenshots seem to be magazine scans showing parts of Splatoon. The icons show the Inklings from the game. Comments are flooded with Splatoon comments and plagiarism accusations.

sepia go site

Above: The official site clearly cashes in on the Splatoon brand.

And if you think the screenshots weren’t obvious enough… well, the video might be. Every single aspect of this is copied from Nintendo’s game:

The music is clearly inspired by Splatoon, as if everything from the hub world to the weapons and sound effects.

Either way, this game won’t last long. Nintendo’s legal team are not going to take this one lying down. Especially not when players outside of China can also download and install the game, taking it from a Chinese market only issue to a potential worldwide one.

But what do you think? Are you shocked that such an obvious Splatoon clone is now available as a smartphone app? And what’s the chance Nintendo will take it down within the next week or so?


ZhugeEX’s Tweet about the Game – Twitter


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If it were free I'd probably play it. Splatoon is not worth full price. I played the demo version and had some fun out of it, but I honestly don't think it deserves the praise it gets. It's one of those games I'll get when it's $20.