New ARMS Update Adds Max Brass and More!

Max Brass Image

Yes, it’s finally happened. Thanks to the new update ARMS has received today, Max Brass has now been added to ARMS as a playable character. He’s got all the abilities from his boss fight, comes with his signature ARMS and even has his special Sky Arena stage included with him.

So if you wanted to main Max Brass, now you can. Your favourite Johnny Bravo style commissioner is now a playable character in the game!

However, as amazing as he is, he’s not the only addition here. Oh no, quite a few other things have been tweaked or added too.

Including an interesting mode called Hedlock Scramble. This mode adds a capsule containing the Headlock mask in the middle of the arena. By breaking it, players can take control of Hedlok for a short period of time.

It’s a neat addition, and certainly varies up the gameplay in ARMS. So it’s available to play in local multiplayer, or in Party Mode matches online.

And that’s still not all. Oh no, a fewmore minor options have been added as well. These include a Stats option (to check what fighter you’ve used most and your ARMS accuracy) and an events one that lets you decide whether you want to be part of official events.

Obviously they’re not major additions, but they’re neat extras none the less.

Yet the changes don’t end there! Oh no, Nintendo’s also made a few dozen bug fixes and quality of life improvements as well.

For example, Snake Park has now been replaced by Sky Arena in ranked mode. So if you’re one of those pro players annoyed by the gimmick (random discs you can move around on), you won’t have to deal with it much longer.

That’s good for the competitive scene, and shows Nintendo will balance or replace gimmicky arenas as necessary to make it more fair.

Which is also something you can say about the bug fixes too. Because oh boy, Nintendo has implemented a lot of them with this update.

For instance, Ribbon Girl used to have a bug where she’d hover in the air for a bit too long while attacking. That’s now gone, to balance things out a bit more.

Other fixes made include:

  • A fix for explosive ARMS not exploding in certain situations.
  • Another one for ARMS not working after getting caught on the floor.
  • A raise for highest rank in Ranked Mode (it’s now 20)
  • Fixes for stages like Ribbon Ring and the Scrapyard where certain obstacles wouldn’t break when they were meant to.

Plus all manner of damage changes and other balance fixes too. You can find a full list of those here on Nintendo of America’s support page.

So go and get the update right away. Because the new character, modes and fixes make it 100% worth getting.


ARMS Update Details (Nintendo of America)


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