Miyamoto Reveals ‘Mario Myths’ Tomorrow!

Or in simple terms, Shigeru Miyamoto reveals everything about ‘Mario canon’, including who Bowser Jr’s mother is and various other things the Mario fanbase have been wondering for a couple of decades.  Nintendo actually released an amusing trailer announcing this:

So yeah, what’s going to be revealed?  Other than the identity of Bowser Jr’s mother (is is Clawdia Koopa like the Official Nintendo Magazine stated in about 1996?), that’s a good question.  Maybe it’ll include stuff like ‘why Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach in the first place’.  Or what those ‘hell valley trees’ from Super Mario Galaxy 2 are supposed to be.  Or how exactly the Koopalings are related to Bowser and Bowser Jr, given the recent games’ refusal to say they’re the former’s children.

But what do you think?  Are you a bit excited by the Mario ‘myths’ being resolved tomorrow, on the 10th of September?



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