Is MH Nintendo’s Next Handheld Console?

No, not Monster Hunter (though a lot of people have made that joke already). Basically, there’s a Japanese ‘Traders Web’ article which mentions a possible Nintendo portable console codenamed MH, which has gotten people hyped over the idea of a 3DS successor.

But as prominent industry analyst ZhugeEX says, this is not a confirmation of anything. There’s no word from Nintendo on the possibility of such a system and there’s evidence either way for something like this being in development.

Instead, what we’ve got is a prediction for what might happen, made to give investors an idea about what the company might be doing in the future. Or in other words, the NX is coming. Nintendo has always made a handheld to go with their home consoles. Hence by any logic, a handheld is coming at some point too. We’ll just call it ‘MH’ because we need a two letter codename to go with it and that’s as good as any.

Does that mean we won’t get a new handheld console?

Not at all. In fact, I’m pretty confident we will get one at some point, and presumably quite soon. 3DS sales aren’t as good as they once were, the cycle is coming to a close and Nintendo generally does like to release their portable consoles within a year or so of their home system. What’s more, the idea still makes business sense for now. Why? Well, because Nintendo tends to make a profit on their consoles, and their handheld ones are no exception to the rule (3DS as the initial sole exception so far). There’s also the fact that the company collects licensing fees from companies who release games on it, they take a share of the money spend on games for the console and they make more money from people buying their games there than they often might on mobile. Well, at least in the short run, the revenue made on Mario games sold at 40 quid a pop is pretty sizeable even without the sheer number of users on mobile platforms.

And hey, they also make more money of us too. Don’t forget that part. A lot of Nintendo fans will happily buy the same game on multiple systems. A lot of gamers in general will buy similar games on multiple systems. Nintendo thanks you for buying Super Smash Bros on 3DS and Wii U, or New Super Mario Bros on DS, Wii, 3DS and Wii U! 10 million or so of you bought New Super Mario Bros 2! Another 5 million bought New Super Mario Bros U! There’s real money in releasing the same thing on two different systems, even if the mobile market is getting bigger than the console one!

Either way, the ‘MH’ is not confirmed and there’s no proof that Nintendo is working on it. We’ll likely be getting a new handheld games system from the company, but there’s nothing to say that this is it.


Translation of Trader’s Web news mentioning Nintendo’s new portable console MH – BlackKite on Twitter