Max Brass Confirmed as First DLC ARMS Character

Max Brass

Tomorrow, ARMS officially launches on the Nintendo Switch. It’s been in development for a while now, been present at multiple E3 events and had two Nintendo Directs dedicated to it, but the game is now finished and ready to be played by Switch owners worldwide.

But finished doesn’t mean Nintendo’s done with the game altogether. Oh no, just like Splatoon before it, Nintendo is also planning to release free DLC for the game on a regular basis. New characters, new stages, new modes… all that stuff is apparently coming to the game over time, and will eventually flesh it out in a far more fully featured product than what we have now.

And now we know what the first of these updates will be. Namely, adding Grand Prix champion Max Brass into the game as a playable character! Here’s the tweet from Nintendo confirming his addition:

It’s an interesting announcement, although perhaps one not everyone will be too happy about. After all, quite a few people speculated he was unlockable in the game as is. So to hear that he’s a DLC character may disappoint a few.

But hey, at least you’ll get to play as him soon enough. So don’t worry ARMS fans. Your chance to play as the game’s champion is coming soon!


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