Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gets Some… Strange Commercials

Rabbit Army

Ah video game commercials. In the good old days, they were some of the… weirder ones around. You had Nintendo’s mascots fighting each other in ‘real life’ to promote Super Smash Bros for the N64:

You had Kirby portrayed as a tough guy fighting biker gang members to advertise Kirby’s Dreamland:

And well, when it comes to Nintendo of Australia’s NES commercial… there wasn’t really a whole lot that could compare:

It was a time for companies to show just how strange their marketing departments could possibly be. A time to make a lasting impression on buyers which couldn’t be done with a simple trailer and a few happy people playing around a TV.

Unfortunately, this changed in the last decade or so. We still got the odd unusual ad sure. But for the most part, they all got reduced to glorified movie ads. A trailer for the game in typical cinematic style with a few happy people shouting its praises in between.

Fortunately, Ubisoft has gone the old route with their ads. Why? Because it seems their tagline is ‘not everyone can partner with a rabbit’ and shows how working along rabbits in real life might not be a great idea.

Like how this bank robber tries (and fails) to get one to drive his getaway car:

Or how this soldier thinks a rabbit will take care of the sniper on a nearby roof:

Heck, you’ve even got this nutcase thinking an army of rabbits could fight in a war! Amusing, in the ‘welp, you know he’s dead’ sense:

So, kudos Ubisoft. You’ve certainly made your commercials memorable here, which is really what a commercial is meant to be.

Let’s hope other companies continue the insane ads in future!


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