Mario Party Board Editor PartyPlanner64 Released!

Have you ever wanted to create your own Mario Party boards? Wished that something similar to Lunar Magic or Super Mario Bros X existed for the Nintendo 64 era Mario Party games?

Well if so, it seems you might be in luck! Why? Because as of earlier today, the first beta for Mario Party board editor PartyPlanner64 has been released. Available online here, the editor lets you create boards for Mario Party 1, 2 and 3 and comes with a whole host of interesting features to boot.

For example, you can import your own board backgrounds. Change the scenes played when the board is first loaded and the characters get given instructions. Choose the background music for your boards. Change the name and description for the board.

Basically, you can customise most aspects of the board in order to really make it feel unique.

That said, there are a few things to point out here.

Firstly, this is a beta. As such, it will likely have bugs and glitches, like other programs in the early stages of their development. So watch out for those, and report anything broken to the project’s issue tracker on GitHub.

Secondly, the editor doesn’t work with ? spaces yet. It’s not surprising, given that said spaces cause board specific events to occur (like rolling boulders, volcanic eruptions or position changes for both Toad and Bowser) and likely involved complex code behind the scenes, but it does mean your possibilities are a bit more limited at the moment. So if you want a board with complex custom events, you might want to wait til the final release. Or maybe figure out how to mod them in yourself.

But for the most part, PartyPlanner64 seems like a fine tool for making Mario Party boards. So check it out, see what you can create and then post your creations online at places like Gaming Reinvented or Mario Party Legacy. Let’s make Mario Party great again!


Beta for PartyPlanner64 Released (Mario Party Legacy)


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