Mario Party 1 Level Editor Takes Videos Offline

Remember PartyPlanner 64, that new Mario Party 1 board editor we mentioned yesterday?

Well it seems like the people behind it have decided the tool was getting a bit to well known for comfort, so they’ve taken down all videos on their channel for now. Will they go back up? Probably around the time the tool actually gets released to the public.

You can see this on their Youtube channel here:

PartyPlanner 64 Youtube Channel (no videos)

For the time being though, they’ve decided they’re too risky to leave up. Maybe they read my article about those fan projects screwed over by Nintendo and decided to take no chances. Or maybe they’re worried that GitHub or wherever might pull the tool offline on Nintendo’s request. Either way, they’ve taken down all media until the program is actually ready.

What do you think about this? Is it a wise decision? Or do you wish they’d left the promo videos up online for a bit longer instead?


Videos Going Down for the Time Being – PartyPlanner 64 Twitter


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I don't blame them. Nintendo is being a bit stingy as of late. I mean, I understand why being a company and all, but still.