Mario Party 1 Board Editor in Development!

With Mario Party 9, Island Tour and 10 all sticking to the ‘vehicle’ formula, it seems like old school Mario Party fans won’t be enjoying another game for quite a while.

But now, it seems hope is coming! Bored of waiting for Nintendo and NdCube to make a traditional Mario Party game? Want more boards in the style of the Nintendo 64 titles? Think the increase in board linearity is ruining the series?

MP10  Board 5

Above: Not quite the same, is it?

Well if so, you’re going to love PartyPlanner 64, the new editor for Mario Party 1 boards! In development by an unknown individual or team, this editor will let you:

  1. Change the background image for the board
  2. Place spaces in whatever layout you like
  3. Add board events like Toad and Boo
  4. Change the music to another song
  5. Rename the board and change its description
  6. Set the difficulty level

partyplanner 64

Here’s a video showing Shy Guy’s Jungle Jam (from Mario Party 4) remade as a Mario Party 1 board:

As well as custom boards based on Pac-Man and Super Mario World’s Donut Plains:

There’s also a general promo for the tool here:

And if you want any more updates on its progress? You can subscribe to the PartyPlanner 64 channel on Youtube here, or follow their PartyPlanner 64 Twitter account. There’s no download quite yet (nor an official site), but from the videos, that doesn’t seem too far away at this point.

Either way, it’s good news for us old school Mario Party fans, isn’t it? Heck, the guys at Mario Party Legacy certainly think so, since they’ve posted the videos and news on their home page. So for anyone getting bored of the vehicle gameplay and linearity in the last couple of Mario Party titles, PartyPlanner 64 should be a godsend.

What do you think of this new editor for the game?


PartyPlanner 64, The First Mario Party Custom Board Editor – Mario Party Legacy


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Link 70222
4 years ago

This is freaking amazing! I don't think I'd dabble much with the creator, but if there were a way to just play the boards people make, I'd be soooo 100% behind this.