Mario Was Featured in the 2016 Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony!

Earlier today, the 2016 Rio Olympics officially ended. The next one will be the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

And as is the norm for the Olympics, the new host nation creates part of the closing ceremony for the last one.

So what did Japan use to celebrate the handover for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Why, Nintendo of course! And so Mario appeared in the closing ceremony, creating a warp pipe from Tokyo to Rio as a shortcut. After arriving, he then got replaced by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who appeared in the stadium with a Mario hat and basketball!

Here’s a video of the event courtesy of YonceeKnowles on Tumblr:

That’s pretty good for Nintendo, I must say. I mean, to get free advertising during one of the biggest events in the world? That’s saying a lot about how much you’ve contributed to society with Mario and your other well known characters.

So you should try not to waste it. Release a new mobile app akin to Pokemon GO, except based around another popular series. Make the Mario & Sonic game for this Olympics as good as it could be. You’ve got an ad others would die for; don’t waste it.


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If only the actual Olympics were that exciting. Hell, if Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games had that much excitement I would probably play it.

It was still pretty cool though.


I'm greatly looking forward to Japan's take on the games, assuming WW 3 doesn't happen by then :p


Yeah it is good news for Nintendo. Mario is everywhere lol. A person that does not know who Mario is. Is a person that lives under a rock.