Link Should be Played by a Woman in a Zelda Movie?

That’s according to Nintendo’s Takashi Tezuka anyway. In a recent interview, he says that “It would be very fun and awesome if Link was played by a female actress, a boyish female actress“, likely surprising a significant amount of the Zelda fanbase in the process.

In addition to this, Shigeru Miyamoto says that “This is something I never imagined because Link is very different to how a Japanese person looks. At the Japanese Expo I attended there were so many people in cosplay who looked very good. They would be good actors! in regards to who should play Link, as well as that said individual should be an unknown actor rather than a big name (“With Japanese TV drama and film they always use the same actors, so I actually think we should have someone completely new.”).

They also discuss the cast for a potential Mario movie. Which becomes kind of funny given that he seeming says how ‘handsome’ Luigi was in the original live action movie based on the series:

One thing we can say about the original film was that Luigi was very young and handsome in the original movie

And aside from his seeming admiration for John Leguizamo? Miyamoto comments about how ‘Mario and Luigi should be played by twins because the original characters were meant as such. In his own words again:

But Mario and Luigi are supposed to be twins. So a new cast would definitely have to be twins.

So yes, some interesting thoughts on potential adaptation casting all around. Nothing confirmed in regards to an actual movie based on either franchise being in development or greenlit, but hey, that wasn’t ruled out either. Here’s the original interview courtesy of MTV:

What do you think on Miyamoto and Tezuka’s ideas on casting for theoretical Mario and Zelda movies? Do you agree with their reasoning?


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