Leaked From Firmware: New Switch Model Coming?

The rumor mills have been spinning for sometime now about a possible ‘Switch Pro’ console coming out that would give us the same great Switch experience, but with more power to it. Dataminer SciresM, who claims that recent released firmware makes reference to the new hardware codenamed Aula.

Aula will reportedly use a Mariko (Tegra X1+) SoC, the same chip used in the Nintendo Switch Lite and 2019 revision of the handheld console. The interesting point to it is that it will push to higher clock speeds for more and better performance and that the firmware also references support for a Realtek chip to support 4K resolution.

As for the physical hardware, it’s claimed that the Aula model has an upgraded display in the form of an OLED screen. As well as better cooling and battery life performance. Though not mentioned, hopefully it will also fix the ongoing Drift joystick issue, this should be addressed above all else. In a Polygon interview published last month, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser played down reports that the company is planning an imminent Switch revamp and that the Switch platform is just at the midpoint of its life cycle.


So what do you think readers? Will you spend money to get a better preforming Switch with a bigger battery life to it? Are you ready to upgrade? Let us know down below, on the forum or on our discord.



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